Why Do You Always See The Sad Story?

I’m further down my journey now so why cant you see how beautiful my daughter looks and how happy i was to become a mother not the sad side to the story?

I’ve noticed one thing recently that everyone focus’s on the sad story of a photo not what the photo is. For instance I posted a beautiful photo of me and Violet most people reacted to it in a sad way and said how sad my story was but all I wanted was for people to say and show me some love on how beautiful she is. Everyone else has these comments? just because my daughter isn’t a alive doesn’t meant to say I don’t want any one to see how beautiful she is. My days are getting easier, I can sit and talk about Violet (on some days, not all) yes it hurts so much and the pain constantly stabs me in the heart but I will always talk about her. My love for Violet will be shown to everyone whether that be in a photo or words. I want you to enjoy it too. I want that appreciation I deserve, everyone forgets I had to give birth like all the other mum’s to be and that in its self is a massive achievement, Violet will always be my daughter.

So next time I post about Violet don’t just concentrate on the sad side think about the positive side too even if its for one moment.

Grace xox



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