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Here I am writing the words I never thought I’d write, on the 28th October 2017 myself and my husband lost our baby Violet Esme. At over 41 weeks pregnant this was something that we never dreamt of happening let alone did I think it could of happened. It was the day our hearts got broken into a thousand pieces Violet was born sleeping.

Although this is still very raw and very hard to write my story, feelings and emotions down I feel comfort writing and trying to raise some awareness, hoping I help one mother and baby .

‘We are not alone’

During my research I have found that there is so much support from blogs, social media groups, doctors and online websites. We are certainly not alone and it is certainly more common than we think. As it stands the UK has the worst stillborn rate so why the big taboo on the matter? – more information can be found on the main menu tab.

Little did I know how many stillbirths there were in the UK more than 3,600 every year and around 1,200 babies pass away after a full term pregnancy (37 weeks or more).

The moment I got told my baby had no heart beat was the moment my life fell apart but it was about to get so much worse.

Not only had a lost my baby girl I found out I had an infection known as Group B Strep from this I became incredibly ill with Sepsis.

Sepis known as “Sepsis the hidden killer”

There are around 123,000 cases of sepsis every year in England and 37,000-44,000 deaths. There is more deaths from this hidden killer than prostate, bowel and breast cancer combined. But why do we know so little about it?

After searching and searching the internet for answers of why the infection and this disease had affected me I realised that there is so little about it. Now I’m here to try and raise awareness of this disease and still births.

I hope my story from ‘the beginning’ raises some awareness and helps at least one person in this cruel world.

Violet is already touching so many hearts.

I’m ready to tell my story and here it is.

Grace and Violet Esme x